Broadcast Television Camera
                NOTE: HD cameras are available - Sony XDCam-HD, HDCam, Panasonic DVCPro 100 (HDX-900), Vericam and P2 (HPX-500), please inquire.

                Sony BVW-D600 - digital signal processing Betacam SP camera with "Clearscan"
                Fujinon 15x8 lens with 2x extender
                Crosziel 4X4 Mattebox
                Lisand Adjust-A-Grip with Fujinon pistol grip
                Camera set-up cards:
                soft - high / very high saturation
                    soft - low / medium saturation
                    sharp - high / very high saturation
                    sharp - low / medium saturation
                Assorted BNC cables and video adapters/connectors

                Tiffen gold diffusion F/X #1
                Tiffen 1/2 black pro-mist
                Tiffen black pro-mist #2
                Tiffen warm pro-mist #2
                Tiffen warm-soft #2
                Tiffen soft #1
                Tiffen Clear/ND3 soft graduated 4x4
                Net Set "I-Ring" stocking filter

                1 Arri 1000 watt open face
                2 Kliegel 1000 watt Fresnels
                3 Arri 650 watt Fresnels
                3 Altman 500/1000 watt Fresnels
                3 Chimeras (1 for 1000 watt Arri, 2 for 650 watt)
                3 Lowel 250 watt Pro-lights
                3 NRG 300/600 watt open face
                1 ETC Source Four Jr. Zoom ellipsoid (Leko) light (575 watts) with 18 patterns
                10 Dimmers
                Anton Bauer Ultralight 2 with dichroic filter and wide angle adapter
                6 10'x8' fabric backgrounds -
(click picture for larger image)
medium blue    light blue    red muslin      light red      flat black    black velour
                3 C-Stands
                6  24" x 36" Silks, Nets & Flags
                6 Drop ceiling hangers
                Assorted color correction, neutral density and "party" gels
                Assorted stingers and quad boxes

                Shure FP-33 mixer
                Sony MDR-7506 headphones
                Electro-Voice RE-50 handheld microphone
                Electro-Voice RE-15 handheld microphone
                2 Sony ECM-77B Lavalier microphones
                Seinheiser MKH-60 shotgun microphone with windscreen and fishpole
                2 sets Lectrosonics UHF wireless microphone kits include:
                    2 UM-195 belt-pack transmitters
                    2 UH-195 Plug-on transmitters
                    2 UCR-195D diversity receivers
                Zoom H4N digital audio recorder
                Rowi press conference microphone clamp
                4 Sound blankets
                Assorted XLR cables
                Assorted audio adapters

                Sony PVM-8041Q 8" color monitor with ac/dc power

                2 GKC 650 dial-up IFB boxes with ear pieces
                Plantronics phone

                Power Supply
                4 Anton Bauer Pro Pac 14 batteries
                4 Anton Bauer Trimpac 14 batteries
                NRG AC power supply

                Camera Support
                CSI System 35 carbon fiber tripod w/ fluid head and floor spreader

                Production Vehicle
                Clean and comfortable Toyota Sienna van

Additional Cameras and Camera Operators
Wide angle lenses and wide angle adapters
HMI, Kino-Flo and additional lighting
LCD handheld 2" or 5" color monitor
Camera dolly & track
Camera Jib
                  High Hat
                  Westcott Flexdrop 5' x 6' flexible and portable chroma-key background 
2-way radios with or without headsets
Additional personnel such as Field Producers, Teleprompter Operators,
Make-up Artists, Lighting Directors, Grips, Production Assistants,
Voiceover and On-Camera Talent and other personnel are available.


                Non Linear Editing
                Uncompressed, Component, Realtime Apple Final Cut Pro 4.1 with dual 1Ghz processors
                790GB video/audio storage with removable drives

                Video Inputs & Outputs
                Betacam SP, 3/4 inch, DVCAM/MiniDV, S-VHS/VHS.  Additional formats such as Digital Betacam are also available.

                Graphics & Animation Applications
                Real time color correction
Adobe After Effects 5.5
                Adobe Photoshop 7
                Adobe Illustrator 10
                ZaxWerks 3D
                Digital Juice Jumpbacks
                Digital Juice Editorís Tool Kit

                Additional Applications
Boris Graffiti character generator
                DVD Studio Pro DVD/CD Authoring
                Closed Captioning
                Microsoft PowerPoint
                photo and photo-negative scanner

                Audio Applications
Mackie 1402 VLZ 14 channel audio mixer
                Voice over booth with Behringer B2 voice over microphone
                Peak Audio Editing v.3
                Digital Juice Backtracks production music library
                Sound Ideas music production library
                Accent Music Productions Library
                Sound Ideas General 1000 sound effects library