Have a look at some of our productions, click on picture for video. All demos are in the Windows WMV format. Additional screen captures are below.


BVA CAMERA CREW DEMO (31mb)                   BVA EDITING DEMO (24mb)                          BVA PRODUCING DEMO (30mb)


                 On Camera Interviews
 (5mb)                     Hanley Wood Remodeling Show V1 (4mb)        Hanley Wood Remodeling Show V2 (4mb)     
    "The Daily Apple" - Senior Autocrossers segment for RLTV                      
                  Daily Apple - Senior Autocrossers (5mb)                      R & R With Andre (5mb)                    Shady Grove Fertility/IntegraMed commercial (4mb)     

                                                BVA quick cuts demo (3mb)                             Multiple Layers demo (6mb)                      Centreville Nat'l Bank commercial (4mb)                                      

    "The Daily Apple" - Near Death Experiences for RLTV                      
Daily Apple - Near Death Experiences (4mb)           Dynamic Women commercial (4mb)                         Home Instead commercial (4mb)         

Wye Financial Services commercial (4mb)          HealthSouth - Bradley Boggs (10mb)                Merritt Athletic Club commercial (4mb) 

     Some screen captures from other productions: