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The Outdoor Life Network called on Baltimore Visual Arts to shoot a segment for an upcoming show.  The segment centered around winning Baltimore area mountain bike and road-race bike racers as they battle to win the "Race for Pulaski" in Baltimore.  The segment also spotlighted Trek bicycles and how much bicycle technology has improved in recent years.  During the two day shoot, Cameraman Warren Watson and Audio Tech Cucillo "Chilly" Consad worked with Outdoor Life's John Carter to get interviews with the racers and the exciting racing action.  The show aired in June '02 on OLN.

                              Chilly and Warren get the racers as they get psyched up.     Nothing tells the story like a close up of the racer's face.     There's nothing like the action close up and personal.

Accounting firm Clifton Gunderson hired Baltimore Visual Arts to shoot an on-camera presentation with board member Terry Hancock for their employee communications video.  With Michael Shannon on Teleprompter, Warren Watson on camera and Matt Mickelson on audio, Terry gave a winning just one takeHmmm...maybe Terry should have his own TV show.

                         Warren Watson composes the winning shot while Mike Shannon works the teleprompter           Matt makes sure Terry's audio is crystal clear.          Warren mans the camera for a picture perfect presentation.

Grizzly Adams Productions came back to Washington DC and back to Baltimore Visual Arts for their show on Pax TV, "Encounters with the Unexplained".  Cameraman Warren Watson and Audio Tech Matt Mickelson worked with Producer Gail Fallen to shoot several interviews with experts for upcoming episodes on Jimmy Hoffa, the story behind TWA flight 800, and Amelia Earhart.


The Baltimore Visual Arts crew traveled to Richmond, VA for West Coast Projections to shoot an interview for Guidant Systems, a designer and developer of cardiovascular products.  Cameraman Warren Watson and Audio Tech David Tiller interview a Guidant Regional Manager about Guidant's new product line.

                                    Warren and David interview a Guidant Manager.      Warren makes sure the shot looks perfect.

Baltimore's Patterson Park was the setting for the National Cyclocross and Supercup Finals (often called the "steeplechase of cycling").  Baltimore Visual Arts was there as Cameramen Matt Mickelson and Grant Peacock along with Audio Tech Dan Cook captured the event for Broganer Productions with Producers Dave Broganer and John Coscia. The race will air on the Outdoor Life Network in January 2002.

Matt Mickelson hard at work.   Matt captures the start of the cyclocross race   Grant Peacock on the scaffold to capture the action...   ...from a bird's eye view.   "Dan The Audio Man" always gets the sound he wants.


Baltimore Visual Arts helped Healthsouth and Vazda Studios with their corporate magazine show, "Back to Health". Cameraman Warren Watson and Audio Tech Dan Cook, along with Healthsouth Producer Roswell Encina interviewed several chiropractors about holistic health and alternative therapies in Waldorf, MD.  The crew also toured a Healthsouth MRI facility and taped an interview with an MRI / MRA doctor.

Dan Cook, Warren Watson and Roswell Encina getting ready for an interview.   Warren Watson marks focus points for the spine shot   Warren Watson gets close-ups of the spine.     Dan Cook gets a chiropractor wired for sound.

CBS News Productions is producing a new documentary series for the History Channel called "High Tech Weapons", scheduled to air in March 2002.  The Baltimore Visual Arts crew, with Warren Watson on camera and Dan Cook on audio, worked with CBS Producer Ann Dean to shoot interviews with experts about the M1-A1 and M1-A2 tanks.

Ann Dean, Warren Watson and Dan Cook interview an expert about the M1-A1 tank.

MTV called on Baltimore Visual Arts to shoot a stylized interview with rapper DMX in Washington DC for their hit show "Diary". Cameraman Warren Watson and Audio Tech Scott Penhallegon provided MTV with the look they were after.

                                                       The Baltimore Visual Arts crew interviews rapper DMX


AMS Production Group from Dallas came to the Washington DC area to shoot a series of testimonials for a commercial and corporate video for a female fertility drug.  Cameraman Warren Watson, Lighting Director John Miyagawa,  Audio Tech Brett Zinger and Make up artist Annabelle McNeal work with AMS Producer Gary Zahora, to get just the look they were after.

      The BVA crew readies the interview               Warren and Brett get make final preperations.

Chet Burks Productions asked Baltimore Visual Arts to travel to Raleigh, NC for their show "Bikeweek".  Italian motorcycle manufacturer Moto Guzzi celebrated their 80th Annaversary at their US headquarters.  Cameraman Warren Watson shot interviews with Moto Guzzi owners and factory backed Grand Prix racers, along with show wrap-arounds with Bikeweek host Dave Despain and Producer Greg White.

The day before, Warren, Dave and Greg were in Colleen, VA for another "Bikewek" episode about a scooter rally.  Owners of Vespas, Lanbrettas and Aprilias from all over the East Coast met for a weekend of two-wheeled scooter fun.

Warren checks Dave's audio level.               Warren shoots Dave Despain doing his intro.


E! Entertainment Television called on Baltimore Visual Arts for "Celebrity Profile: Kathie Lee Gifford".  Cameraman Warren Watson and Audio Tech Kirk Tarter provided picture and sound as E! interviewed Mitchie Mader, Kathie Lee's sister and Kathie Lee's long time friend Jill Strickland.

The BVA Crew interviews Mitchie Mador...             ...and makes it look great!

The Presidential Election was over, the Chad issue was settled (finally), and George W. Bush became President.  Baltimore Visual Arts was there as Warren Watson and Dan Cook covered the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC for NBC News.

                                         Warren takes a break to pose for the camera.